Hi! I'm Ana

Owner & Lead Organizer at Tidy Method Co. 

The Tidy Method Co. Story

I developed Tidy Method Co. in the summer of 2017, after discovering that my true calling was to become a professional organizer. Through my work as an organizer, I could help others gain clarity, optimal productivity and peace in their personal and professional lives.  This realization filled me with a tremendous amount of joy and inspired me to step away from my career as a Human Resources and Operations Manager, and embark on a new journey with the launch of Tidy Method Co.  

As the child of a very busy, hardworking and organized mother, my training and appreciation for all things organization began at a very young age. While completing household chores may not be every kid’s idea of a fun time, since I can remember, I've always looked forward to Saturday mornings, our designated tidying up time. There was something special about working together to get our home in order after a busy week, all while singing along to music that played throughout our house. Believe it or not, I had a blast! What I came to appreciate later in life was the best part of it all.


That incredible sense of peace you feel when you're surrounded by a tidy space. 


Eventually, I found myself helping friends and family with their organizing needs. Sure, I enjoyed the process of organizing and even teaching them new techniques, but my biggest motivation was knowing I could help the people I love, free themselves of clutter and feel at peace in their newly organized space! When I entered the corporate world and held positions as a Licensing Manager, and later as an Operations and Human Resources Manager, having strong organization skills was essential to my professional growth. Experiencing the impact that organization has on our personal and professional lives, has taught me so much about the importance of organization, and ultimately sparked my epiphany of what I was meant to do - share my love for organization and tidy methods

Life is full of lessons at every turn, and if there’s one lesson I can share with others, it's that organization is a fundamental tool that can help improve the quality of life in countless ways. My mission is to help others clear their path of anything standing in the way of their goals, their productivity, and overall, their happiness. 

On a Personal Note 

I was born in Mexico (viva Mexico!) and moved to the US at the age of two, with my mom and her younger sister. The US is my home, but I'm extremely proud of my heritage, and love finding ways to stay connected to my roots, be it through practicing my Spanish, enjoying Mexican food, and of course, visitng my family in the motherland every chance I get. 

I’m a lover of dogs, camping, running, dancing, scoring a great bargain sale, CHOCOLATE (cannot stress this enough), avocados, bottomless mimosa brunches, and of course, my family & friends. I married the love of my life (adventure seeker, car nut, excellent cook, all-around funny guy), Joe, in April of 2017, and life as Mr. & Mrs. couldn’t be sweeter. If we have the privilege of working with you, chances are, you’ll meet him, as he is our official Tidy Method Co. Handyman.

During free time, you can find me exploring nature hikes with Joe, entertaining family and friends at home, or reorganizing our apartment storage closets for the hundredth time.

I wouldn't consider myself an extrovert, but I do love making new friends and connecting with people I meet or work with. I find it to be extremely gratifying to be of service to those in need and am a huge believer in paying it forward. 

 "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present." - Author Unknown